Prospect Spotlight: Blues Prospect, Mackenzie MacEachern

Player Spotlight

Name: Mackenzie MacEachern

Position: Left Wing

Born: March 9, 1994  (Age 22 )

Hometown: Troy, Michigan

Height: 6’3

Weight: 205

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Portraits
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/NHLI via Getty Images)

My prospect of the month is St. Louis Blues prospect, Mackenzie MacEachern. MacEachern has played great as of late and has had a great season in the NCAA this year. This season Mackenzie has produced 14 goals, 16 assists, and 30 points in 37 games played in the tough Big 10 conference. The 6’3 forward has improved in all three zones this season turning him into a dynamic two way player. I have recently drawn comparisons of MacEachern’s game mirroring David Backes’ game. Not only are they similar in size, they are both strong on the puck and have above average vision on the ice finding their line mates. In Backes’ junior season in the NCAA, he tallied 13 goals in 38 games. Obviously, as I mentioned earlier, MacEachern has netted 14 goals in 37 games in his junior season.

I recently interviewed Mackenzie to gather more information on both him and his current season. I asked Mackenzie ten questions; including both fun and serious questions. Here is the full interview between Mackenzie MacEachern and I:

Q: “Who was your favorite NHL player growing up?”

A: “My favorite player growing up was Steve Yzerman without a doubt. He played the game the right way and was an unbelievable leader.”

Q: “What do you feel is the strongest asset to your game?”

A: “I’d say that one of my strongest assets is the ability to protect the puck down low and make space for my line mates or teammates.”

Q: “If you could compare yourself to any current NHL player, who would it be?”

A: “That’s a tough question but from my home town team, the Red Wings, I would say an Abdelkader type guy.”

Q: “Is there a nickname that teammates or coaches have given you?”

A: “I don’t think I’ve gotten any interesting nick names throughout the years. My nick name from team to team seems to remain the same and that is Mac.”

Q: “Do you have any pre-game routines that you do before every game?”

A: “I have a couple pre game routines. I always have to get a nap in before the game. When I get to the rink I always warm up the same and always put my left piece of equipment on first.”

Q: “What do you think has led to your personal success this season?”

A: “I think my success from this year comes from a couple things. One thing is that I was able to mature this year and focus on the little things in the game, and secondly my teammates and line mates are a big reason in my success.”

Q: “Do you have a favorite celebration after scoring a goal?”

A: “My go to celly used to be one need on the ice and swiping the ice but I would say that it has involved into one leg in the air with a fist pump.”

Q: “Do you have a favorite pump-up song before a game?”

A: “My favorite pump up song would have to be some sort of country. I don’t think it’s your generic pump up music but it calms me down and gets me ready for the game.”

Q: “What are your goals moving forward, throughout the season?”

A: “The goals throughout the season were to play as long as we could and compete for championships”

Q: “What is something you learned during your time in St. Louis during prospect camp over the summer?”

A: “The biggest take aways from the prospect camp would have to be how hard you really have to work in order to give you a chance to make it. Another big thing I learned there was how important nutrition is to you and your success in the game.”


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MacEachern is looking to have a strong off-season and hopefully push for a spot at training camp next season. I deffinitly see him wearing the Note within the next two years. Take a few days this summer and watch Mackenzie at the Mills for prospect camp; and if you’re lucky, you can meet him and get some autographs after every practice/scrimmage, along with other Blues prospects. My prospect of the month, Mackenzie MacEachern.

If you would like to follow Mac on twitter, you can @MacMaceachern19. I’d like to thank you for reading and you can follow me on Twitter @The_STG. For any comments or requested topics, feel free to tweet me anytime and i’ll be sure to respond. Lets go Blues!

One thought on “Prospect Spotlight: Blues Prospect, Mackenzie MacEachern

  1. Just wondering, since it’s mentioned he will be trying for a spot at training camp does this mean the Blues will be signing him soon


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