It’s not time to panic, it’s time to respect the Note. 

So far, the St. Louis Blues’ playoff run has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Some nights you’ll see a team that can legitimately run four lines, wear the opposing team down with their power, bear down and score goals in tic-tac-toe fashion, and even get stellar goaltending. Some of us will be in awe just thinking about potentially how far this team can go, and it feels like a rush of adrenaline as if you were going down the steep drop on a roller coaster. However since we are all Blues fans, we can’t have nice things, and other nights you’ll ask yourself if you’re watching the St. Louis Blues or the Chicago Wolves. The offense suddenly can’t score a goal, the defense turns the puck over left and right, and some soft goals will trickle into the net. After watching these games, your head will hurt more than riding The Ninja three times in a row.

Sure, the Blues are coming off a tough loss in game 6 in which they had the chance to win the series in their own barn, but like I said earlier; we’re Blues fans, we can’t have nice things. I saw a lot of emotion after the game 6 loss. Some people are dissapointed and mad, others are optimistic and positive. Bottom line is the Blues have to go into Dallas and find a way to win game 7 and move onto their first Western Confernce Final since 2000-2001.

I’m not sure if I should credit the Stars for forcing a game 7 or if I should criticize the lack of the Blues killer instinct to close it out in 6 games. Either way, it doesn’t change my views on Wednesday night’s game 7 in Dallas. Also, don’t even waste your time, Brian Elliott better be, and I believe will be the starting goalie for game 7.

This is the reason Doug Armstrong brought in veteran leadership such as Brouwer and Brodziak, for big playoff games. Guys like Tarasenko, Schwartz, and Fabbri are all hungry to get to the next level, what better way to get there than a huge game 7 performance? Players such as Backes, Shattenkirk, and Bouwmeester will be playing game 7 knowing a loss could mean it’s their last game dawning the Note. Players aside, this could even be Ken Hitchcock’s last game coaching, not just for the Blues, but for his career. So much is at stake for the Blues players, coaches, and even front office in this game. I believe 100% the Blues can and will get the job done in big D. It’s a stretch, but don’t be suprised if we see the best game the Blues have ever played in the Hitchcock era on Wednesday night.

We’ve heard all season long how this group of players are different. They’re closer than years past. We’ve seen flashes of it on the ice but the scary part is, I believe there’s still an entire level this team hasn’t reached yet. This team really is different and they’ve showed us. They can win on the road. They can score timely goals, and plenty of them. Don’t forget, arguably the biggest difference is having a true number one goalie that can steal playoff games for your team. For the record, this will be the Stars’ first game 7 since 2007, and haven’t won a game 7 since 2000. The Blues just won a game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup Champions last round. Feel better about our chances yet? How about the Blues road warrior mentality in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, going 4-2 on the road so far. What if I told you the Blues are undefeated while playing on Wednesdays during the playoffs? Don’t forget the Blues are 9-2 in their last 11 road games, dating back to the regular season. Keep in mind, the last time the Blues played in Dallas for game 5, they absolutely picked them apart. Lastly, if before the season, you had the chance to be one game 7 win against the Stars away from being in the Confernece Finals, would you take it? Of course you would. The season is far from over, this team has battled back from adversity all season long.

There’s many storylines and “what ifs” going into game 7 but I am completely confident this group of players will get the job done once again. I’ll take my word on it, and I’ll likely get a lot of heat if the outcome goes in favor of the Stars. Just remember, it’s not time to panic, it’s time to Respect the Note, because when the Blues go marching into Dallas on Wednesday night, they’ll be bringing game 1 of the Western Conference Finals to St. Lou.

Thanks for reading. Tweet me your thoughts, comments, and opinions on Twitter @The_STG. Let’s go Blues.

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