Prospect update #1 (10-18-2016)


Ivan Barbashev (AHL): 2GP, 1G, 0A, 1P

Samuel Blais (AHL): 2GP, 0G, 0A, 0P

Mackenzie MacEachern (AHL): 2GP, 0G, 0A, 0P

Conner Bleackley (AHL): 1GP, 0G, 0A, 0P

Tage Thompson (NCAA): 4GP, 4G, 2A, 6P

Austin Poganski (NCAA): 3GP, 2G, 1A, 3P

Nolan Stevens (NCAA): 4GP, 2G, 1A, 3P

Glenn Gawdin (WHL): 8GP, 6G, 4A, 10P

Liam Dunda (OHL): 8GP, 1G, 4A, 5P

Filip Helt (OHL): 7GP, 2G, 1A, 3P

Jordan Kyrou (OHL): 8GP, 2G, 11A, 13P

Adam Musil (WHL): 8GP, 1G, 4A, 5P

Tanner Kaspick (WHL): 7GP, 7G, 2A, 9P



Jordan Schmaltz (AHL): 0GP, 0G, 0A, 0P

Vince Dunn (AHL): 2GP, 1G, 1A, 2P

Petteri Lindbohm (AHL): 2GP, 0G, 0A, 0P

Tommy Vannelli (AHL): 0GP, 0G, 0A, 0P

Jake Walman (NCAA): 3GP, 0G, 2A, 2P

Niko Mikkola (Finland) 11GP, 1G, 1A, 2P



Ville Husso (AHL) 1GP, 0-1-0, 4.08GAA, 0.857S%, 0SO

Jordan Bennington (AHL): 1GP, 0-1-0, 2.04GAA, 0.939S%, 0SO

Phoenix Copely (AHL): 0GP

Luke Opilka (OHL): 0GP

Evan Fitzpatrick (QMJHL): 7GP, 2-3-2, 2.83GAA, 0.911S%, 0SO

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