The final goodbye from STG. But… 

   Almost 4 years ago, I never thought this would come as far as it has. I started out wanting to become a fun and entertaining Twitter account revolving around our beloved Blues. In my early days, I tried to entertain a little too much and it caused me to gain a bit of a bad rep, in which I carry to this day with some people. Those days are long, long, gone. Throughout the past 4 years, I’ve learned a lot. Everything from becoming more entertaining, providing knowledge to the game, and even becoming a better writer. Over the past years, my focus shifted from wanting to be entertaining, to wanting to provide more information and including writing. I want to thank all 4,000+ of you for interacting and following me. Here’s a couple people I would like to individually point out that have helped and/or inspired me throughout the way. 

Thank you: 

   Thank you, Mike Poepping for helping me out in the beginning of my writing stages. He’s helped edited a few of my stories, and we’ve even had a a joint series of stories together. I’ve learned a lot from your work and you’re editing. 

   Thank you, Mark Scott Caroll for being by my side since day 1. Without you, there would be no Scottrade General brand. You’ve helped create the image of STG and you were a big help with growing my following. I can’t thank you enough. 

   Believe it or not, thank you Art Lippo, and Dan Reilly for being my biggest sticklers. I’ve said over and over again that I appreciate everyone’s feedback, both good and bad. Both of you guys arguably always gave me bad feedback, and I honestly respect that and learned  to improve on everything you’ve said. 

Shout outs: 

   Shout out to Blues Buzz Blog. Great content and PJ has created something special. Great seeing the improvements you’ve made over time. I gave you advice about the store awhile back and you’ve took it and ran ever since, great job. Bright future ahead. 

   Shout out to Hitch’s Hat because no matter what the situation may be, he can always find a clever way to make it more entertaining. Really enjoy all of your content, and most of all, I enjoy your honesty about every topic you cover. 

   Last but not least, shout out to all of my original followers. I know who you are. I don’t want to go through naming everyone, but you know if you’ve been with me since the beginning, thank you. You guys are true supporters and are the reason I provide the coverage that I provide. 

   Many opportunities have created themselves throughout my time on Twitter. I’ve launched my own website,, I’ve launched my own store, I’ve met and became friends with many great writers, both amature and professional all over North America, and even a few in Europe. I’ve even received an offer to join a website and start a podcast for the Vegas Golden Knights. It was – no pun intended – a golden opportunity. I thought about it for awhile but I ended up declining. What I do here is a passion. I don’t feel I can bring the emotion and love to my content if it’s revolved around a different team. Even if I had 10 followers, I would still feel passionate about my content, because it’s based off of the team I love. That being said, I’ve had countless of tweets and DMs over the past 2 days from followers thanking me and telling me how much they will miss my coverage. So many, that it was actually eye opening. I’m staying. 

   I was originally going to take a year or two off because there really is a lot that go into this behind the scenes. However, there will be a change. Not in content, but in the name. As we all know, Scottrade Center is soon to be renamed. Therefore, this is a prime opportunity to rename myself. I have decided, I’m not going to go down the route of “parody” names again. I’m going to go more professional, both with my name and my coverage and content. Within the next week or two, you’ll see the change in name as I’ll be switching over to my personal name and avi. Same content, different name. The website and store are still up and running. I’m going all in with this and I’m even in the process of hiring writers for RTN. My content and coverage will be doubled and higher quality and detailed. I’m also in the process of looking for someone/people to begin a podcast with. Lots of new ideas are on the horizon and I promise you will enjoy them.  Thank you to literally, the hundreds of you that have personally DMed me or tweeted me. Without your support and thanks, I would have stuck with my decision to take time off of Twitter. Now the work truly begins. 


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