Farewell, good soldier

   7 years. 419 games. The Blues have lost a loyal, fearless soldier on Friday night. Their toughest soldier. Thier funniest soldier. A guy that knows his abilities and gives it his absolute best, night in, night out. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Ryan Reaves has become, is, and always will be a fan favorite in St. Louis. Loved for his energy on the ice, tough as nails mentality, and friendliness off the ice, Reaves has impacted the hearts of every Blues fan over the past 7 seasons. Countless heavy hits dished out to Andrew Shaw, Antoine Roussel, Cody McLeod, the list goes on. Thousands of punches thrown and received. Atleast one (that we know of) tooth pulled on the bench-live-during a game. Your iconic dab, and a legendary blown kiss to the bench of the Dallas Stars. 

   Ryan Reaves was part of a trade during the first round of the NHL draft last night. The trade will be sending him to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the back to back Stanley Cup Champions. In return, the Blues received 23 year old center, Oskar Sundqvist, and the 31st overall pick in which they selected highly sought after Russian prospect, Klim Kostin. 

   Trade aside, the Blues and the fans will miss Reaves’ great attitude on and off the ice. He’s the type of player that any NHL team needs. A fantastic guy in the locker room, a player that will do and risk anything to help the team win, and an all around beast. We can’t say anything bad about “Reavo” and the 7 years he’s spent in St. Louis. So many great memories that we’ll always cherish. I’m already looking forward to the season opener on October 4th (Blues @ Penguins). I’m really looking forward to seeing the standing ovation and video tribute on February 11th, whenever Reaves and the Penguins come into town. Thank you for all of the behind the scenes help, work, and improvements you’ve made to our community. It’s tough losing a true warrior but we wish you the very best. St. Louis will always welcome you back. Ryan Reaves, thank you for a fantastic 7 year run, farewell, good soldier… 

   PS, go get your ring. We want to see you lift lord Stanley. 

   Thanks for reading. Tweet me your thoughts, comments, and opinions @Palazzola_RTN. 

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