Prospect watch: Tage Thompson

Tage Thompson is possibly our top prospect, although it is close between him and Klim Kostin. (Kostin will have to wait for another story).  Thompson comes in at 6’5″ 200 pounds.  Big boy, but he could add more weight.  Thompson’s biggest strength is his shot, including his wicked one-timer.  He is lethal on the power play putting up 13 power play goals in his first season with UCONN, which led the nation.  He had 32 points in both his seasons with UCONN.  14 goals and 18 assists in the first and 19 goals and 13 assists in the second.

Normally players as big and as young as Thompson can look kind of awkward because of their size and because they haven’t grown into their bodies yet.  Thompson on the other hand looks very smooth when he his skating and handling the puck.  I’m not saying he’s where he should be physically yet, but its a big thing for a guy his size to have already grown into his body.  There are some areas that Thompson could work on.  Using his size more consistently.  When Thompson uses his size to protect the puck you might as well forget about that puck because you ain’t gettin it. Other areas he could work on is filling out his frame and getting stronger, which is very fixable.

My projection on his potential is a 1st line player.  Thompson is big, has tremendous offensive skill, and skates very well.  I’d say he’ll be at least a 30 goal player with around 30 assists.  My NHL comparison to him would be Jamie Benn.  I’m not saying he’s gonna put up points like Jamie Benn, but he plays a lot like him and they are both big players that have great offensive skill and skate very well for their size.

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