Prospect watch: Klim Kostin

The prospect I’m most excited for is Klim Kostin.  Kostin could be the biggest steal in the 2017 draft.  His top-end skill probably would’ve landed him in the top 5 had it not been for a shoulder injury.  The fact that the Blues got him at #31 is amazing.  Kostin is being compared to Evgeni Malkin and when you are compared to a player of that caliber, you know he’s good.  Malkin and Kostin are almost the exact same size as of right now.  They are both 6’3″ and about 195 lbs.  So if the size comparison counts for anything he’s already got it.

Kostin has the ability to impact a game in a major way.  First, Kostin has a deadly wrist shot.  It’s powerful and accurate and to add to that he has a very quick release.  He has great skating ability to go along with his tremendous hands.  Not only that but he also has the ability to take over a game and completely dominate it.  Kostin has the size, strength, skill, and attitude to do it.  I’d compare his attitude to a freight train that ran off it’s tracks.  That run right through you attitude.  Kostin’s biggest problem has been his consistency but that is a common problem with young players.  Eventually, he’ll grow out of that.  The more experience he gets and the more mature he becomes, the better and more consistent he’ll become.

My prediction on Kostin’s NHL potential is a first line scoring winger.  I believe 30 goals  and 30-40 assists is a realistic possibility for him.  It’s hard for me to say that his potential is any lower than that because of the overall skill he brings to the table.  I am very excited to see the kind of player Kostin will be and if he’ll be up sooner rather than later.  Don’t be shocked if we see him in a Blues uniform this upcoming season.



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