Why the Blues Need A Patrick Maroon



St. Louis native, Patrick Maroon has found his name buzzing around his hometown a bit more than usual as General Manager, Doug Armstrong of the St. Louis Blues has made a strong push to add one more piece this offseason in hopes to make a strong contention not only in hopes of winning the Central division or the Western Conference, but for the Stanley Cup.

Maroon, 6’3″ and 225 lbs. has been linked to several teams this season and has long been thought as a great fit for St. Louis. At only 30 years old, he offers a strong physical presence up and down the wing, a bothersome body in front of the net, and a player that can play up and down the lineup. While the Blues currently await the younger players in their organization to physically mature and ready themselves to step into the NHL game, Maroon offers an excellent player to not only fill the void but to be a valued piece along the way.

The physical winger amassed a total of 150 hits during 17-18 season, while averaging 16:32 of Time on Ice, as well as 2:01 of Power Play time last year in a combined season with the Edmonton Oilers and the New Jersey Devils. Maroon not only found himself playing a physical, 3rd line Checking Forward role, but also a goal scoring role along side of NHL Stars, Connor McDavid (EDM) and Taylor Hall (NJ). Since the departure of former team captain, David Backes, the Blues have been searching over the last few seasons for a big-bodied player in front of the net and have since tried multiple options including forwards, Jaden Schwartz and Alexander Steen.

So why has the hometown boy not signed on the dotted line yet? Security. In an article written from thenorthjersey.com, Maroon stated that he would like to find some stability toward the last half of his career after playing now for three teams, two last season alone.

“I’m trying to find a home for me and my family and know where I’m at for the next few years,” Maroon said. “It’s fun being traded and being part of playoff runs and different teams, but for me I want to go to a place, stay, and stay for a while. Hopefully try to go there and win. I want to go to a team that can win.”

Maroon is a player that can certainly offer some stability and maybe even some added confidence for a player like Vladimir Tarasenko out on the ice and not worry as much about having a target on his back. A physical, two-way player like Patrick Maroon is exactly what this team needs at this point and after the recent moves that have been made this offseason. Offering Maroon a two to three year contract, and a lower salary not only helps Maroon find his way back home, but offers the security that he is searching for more than anything.

Bottom line, its time to bring the local boy home. Not just because it would be a feel good story and it would be wonderful to have him home, but because of who Patrick Maroon can and will be: a valued member of this Blues organization, his community, and to this city.

Patrick Maroon, drafted 161st overall  in 2007 by the Philadelphia Flyers, has played 9 seasons and 375 total games in the NHL. He has totaled 78 goals and 178 total points in his career including 17 goals and 43 points during the 2017-18 season.

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