Doug Armstrong Won the Offseason, and We Owe Him an Apology

If you browsed through Blues Twitter a few weeks ago, you would’ve seen countless disappointed Blues fans. You would’ve seen things like “Armstrong promised the fans a big offseason and all we’ve done is trade from pick #29 to #25!” There was even a popular tweet promising all those who retweeted a shirt calling for Armstrong to be fired. To be fair, fans did have reason to be underwhelmed. It looked like they weren’t willing to pay the asking price on Ryan O’Reilly, and the only significant free agent they were linked to was Patrick Maroon. Once July 1st hit however, Armstrong got to work. Right off the bat he signed David Perron to a 4 year, $4 million dollar deal. David Perron is someone who loves to play in St. Louis, and has proven that by returning here time and time again. Later in the day he signed Tyler Bozak to a 3 year, $5 million dollar deal. Fans were divided on this signing. While some loved him as a Brodziak replacement, others, including myself, was sure this meant we were officially out of the Ryan O’Reilly race, and had settled for Bozak as our big center addition instead. These two signing were decent, but still felt underwhelming. However later that night, Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) dropped a Twitter- bomb that read “Hearing Ryan O’Reilly has been traded to the St. Louis Blues .” The next 15 minutes on Twitter were chaos. Nobody expected this, and more importantly: nobody knew what the Blues were sending back. Once the details finally emerged, it almost felt too good to be true. Not only did the Blues keep their top three forward prospects, they also dumped two unwanted salaries in Patrik Berglund and Vladimir Sobotka. Suddenly one trade turned a mediocre offseason into a legendary one. The Perron and Bozak signing no longer were seen as the Blues settling for two decent signings, and instead became depth signings to help replace the loss of Berglund and Sobotka to make the trade hurt even less. The Blues went from having a rather questionable center core, to having one of the best one-two punches in the league down the middle, as well as a tremendous 3C in Bozak. On top of all that, today the Blues finally confirmed the signing of hometown boy Patrick Maroon, solidifying one of the most deadly forward cores in the entire NHL. This is easily one of the most memorable off-seasons in Blues history, and Doug Armstrong is the man responsible. This team is scary-good, and all Blues fans should be counting down the days until October 4th.

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