Week 1: Two games down, eighty to go.

This weekly analysis of the Blues current situation will be broken up into a short summary of each game played throughout the week with three takeaways, followed by wrapping up the overall position of the team, and things we’ll be looking towards moving forward.

10/4/18: Winnipeg Jets @ St. Louis Blues

We’ve waited a long time, but hockey season is finally upon us. Unfortunately game 1 didn’t go exactly as we may have dreamt of it the night before. An unfortunate deflection off of Colton Parayko put the Blues down one midway through the first period. The rest of the evening felt like a big game of catchup. As bad as that third period was, there truly is a lot to be optimistic about.

  1. The Jets are really good – It was no secret to anybody coming into the season. The Jets are one of the best teams in the league. Some will argue the Blues were simply up against a tougher opponent.
  2. The Blues have some chemistry building to do – Nine forwards Thursday night did not skate on opening night a year ago. Six of them had never played meaningful hockey before Thursday. These things take time.
  3. Defensive Woes – Before we all go jumping out at Allen, take a look at those 5 goals and you’ll realize that Allen is only responsible for one of them. It was a soft goal for sure, but shorthanded breakaways and unfortunate teammate deflections have to be considered when assessing who actually was to blame for the unraveling.


10/6/18 Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis Blues

Two perennial playoff contenders coming off disappointing 2017-2018 campaigns. We all knew it would be a tough game regardless of “power rankings”. These two teams loathe each other, and it doesn’t take a professional analyst to figure that out. Colton Parayko got his first of the season with a net-ripping snapshot that reminded me of exactly why we love Colton, and why he’s got to keep doing that. In case there was any doubt, the Power Play is back.

  1. Quick starts – Jumping out to a two goal lead was certainly welcomed. The slapper by Parayko was followed up by a beautiful play by Vladimir Tarasenko. Being able to keep the foot on the gas has to be a strong point of this team.
  2. Where’s the D? – This should be somewhat relieved once the full defensive unit is healthy, but the Blues have given up one too many breakaways and 2-on-1’s thus far. Whether it’s Jake Allen or Grant Fuhr in net, those are high percentage opportunities.
  3. Ryan O’Real-Deal. – Winning 20 of his 23 face-offs in the game, as well as bagging his second and third assists of the season….get ready to fall in love with this guy.

The Blues now have a 4 day break before hosting the Calgary Flames on Thursday night. They’ll look to continue their growth, building upon the positives from Saturday night and hopefully bag their first win of the season.

Week 1: 0-1-1    1pt     Next up: Game 3 of 82


Thanks for reading, and as always…


Let’s Go Blues


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